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    Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
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    For voice conversation - your telephone system is an intergral part of your establishment and is your main tool of communication. It is your primary link to your business partners, customers, suppliers, employees, collleagues, friends and even family members. Our panasonic phones are a cost effective legacy and we provide IP communication systems for small and medium sized companies that can be flexiblily configured and expanded acccording to your needs. Brodacom has costbsaving solutions (at least 30- 40 % savings on your current telephone bills). Settlements can also be arranged for outdated overpriced systems.
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    Our systems have the following advanced fetures • Call recording • Efficient call handling • Uniform call distribution ( UCD) with message. This improves the company image, important business calls will not be missed and sharimg of the operators load. • Flexible sms routing • Built in voice message • Caller ID display on SLT's and APT's • Call forwarding ( busy or no answer ). Transfered calls tobyour extension can be easily forwarded to another destination or extension improving efficiency and overall customer service. • Doorphone call- doorphones can aldonbe connected to our systems, as a visitor presses the doorphone button, a pre-assigned extension rings allowing the extension user to talk to the visitor.g • Music on hold or background music ( BGM).n • Telephone management system ( to manage misuse of phones).
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    We have legacy flexible hybrid systems such as the KX- HTS32 which enables a flexible system that freely combines both IP and legacy systems to cost effectively respond to your needs. Also, the KX- HTS32 brings you a solution as a sip trunk adapter for existing Pbx systems. You can connect KX- HTS32 to an existing system to adopt sip trunk services. You can also rnjoy the features of new panasonic Ip terminals, KX-HDV series IP phones ( including video phones) and KX- NTV series ( IP doorphone and IP camera).
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    DELIVERING SHARPER IMAGES WITH HIGHER SENSITIVITY. FEATURING A MORE INTELLIGENT SOLUTION. WHAT ARE THE CURRENT PROBLEMS? • Vandalism • Shoplifting • Unauthorized operation of self- checkout • Burglary • Damage to or destruction of store equipment • Customer complaints such as trouble with change • Work attitude of employees( ignoring work rules, slavking off) • Parking lot trouble ( car contact, theft, intrusion by suspicious individuals) • Graffiti during night hours and on outer walls, etc.
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    Together We Care
    STORE MANAGEMENT • Multiple stores are not centrally managed • Variation in employee quality and service across stores • Time and cost incurred in patrolling multiple stores • Sales opportunities lost due to lack of understanding regarding customer segments and trends. EXISTING ANALOG EQUIPMENT • Poor camera quality, meaning the situation cannot be accurately determined • Narrow angle of view, and many blind spots even when a large number of cameras are installed • Information other than images cannot be obtained • Problems cannot be detected unless the video is constantly watched.
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    Solutions For Satisfaction
    Our security systems solve all of these problems and provide you with solutions to suit your needs • Reduce shoplifting damages by monitoring without blind spots • Face recognition, matching, and searching to detect repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals • High resolution data to perform detailed checks for detecting problems • Multiple site( multiple store) monitoring with a network • Product lineup for both indoor and outdoor installation • One stop solutions including cameras, recorders ( DVR), and management software. • Automatic analysis of customer segments ( age , gender) • Provide customer flow and heat map information • Provide information on customer segment changes by time of day ( realizing inflow of new customers) • Brodacom's network cameras have ultra high 4k picture quality for detailed, wide area monitoring with a single camera. Fewer cameras also means a substantially lower total cost of ownership. • Other outstanding qualities ; • Ultra high definition, 4k picture quality offering 27 times the resolution of analogue cameras and 9 times that of standard Hd. • Cropping function, a given area within a single image can be selected, cropped and displayed • Wide- area minitoring. A single 4k camera can effectively monitor a wide area, which allows you to reduce the number of total cameraras while also eliminating blind spots. • Monitoring can be performed not only at vertical and horizontal angles, but for deeper depths as well. • Low light ready - the cameras ultra high 4k resolution allows it to capture colour images in dim, low light conditions. In even darker conditions, the cameras can use its monochrome inversion function to switch to black and white images, and in zero light conditions it can accurately display what is happening in front of it using infrared LED vision. • High power 6x zoom lens with an ultra wide angle of 100° - an optical 6x zoom lens comes standard. The viewing angle range and zoom power can be set in line with conditions where the camera is installed.
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